Some tips that can help you get extra service for free from top class hotels in London

We all know that London is one of the most popular and top travelled tourist destinations around the world. Because of this high volume of travellers a lot hotels also grew in London and they offer top class london hotelsservices to their guest. In order to get more guests, many top notch hotels not only offer the best services, but they give so many other things as well as complementary service with no extra cost. These complimentary things can include free food, free drinks, massage service, tour to the London or something else as per their policy.

However, you need to understand that hotels do not offer all these complementary services to all the customers. Also, they do not offer this kind of services for free to those people that are doing the last minute booking with them. In order to get all these things for free from top notch London hotels, you need to act smartly and you need to follow some specific tricks as well. If you can act smartly then this is an assurance that you will be able to get the top class services and experience during your stay in easy manner.

To get these extra services for free, this is essential that you choose your travel time in wise manner. If you will travel to London during peak season, then you will never any kind of discount even in a 3 stars hotel. So, getting extra services from top class hotels would be out of the question. That is why I would suggest you to plan your London trip just before the season. In that condition weather will be suitable and hotels will not be over booked. So, chances are high that you will get free services from them and thanks to fewer people you will be able to enjoy your vacation also in much better way.

While booking the hotels, make sure you do early booking. This early booking will give you an edge and hotels will know that you have plenty of time to look for other options. While booking a hotel, first you need to share your requirement, date of stay in London and then you can ask the price for them. Chances are high that you can get the off season discount due to your trip planning. Once you get the price from them , then you can ask for extras that they will offer to you on top of your booking.

Initially they may deny your request for extra services or some to ups, but in that case, you can always tell them that you will share your decision after considering other option. Top hotels in London or any other

place never remain sure about their booking during non-peak season. So, they would prefer to have you as their customer and chances are high that they will offer so many extra services to you. Once you get it, then you can either book the hotel on phone and you can pay the advance amount via online service or other option. And if you don’t like the deal, then you can find so many other top hotels in London and you can try the same method with them to get extra services and discount on you hotels booking in London.

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Some of the best foods that you can try in London

Many people may find it really hard to believe that many British people travelled to other parts of the world to get the best food from various areas. Eventually, they found the best food from different places and they embraced that food from all of their heart. But few things or food items are still there that are completely restaurants-central-londonintact with foreign influence that can give the best taste to you on your palate. If you are in London and you wish to try some classis and actual British food in London, then I am sure following suggestion can help you in the best possible manner.

Fish and chips: This is a classic food item that is very much popular in London among native people and outsider as well. You can call it one of the most amazing classis dishes that you can get in London. The most amazing thing about this dish is its simplicity with amazing taste. You can consume this on the seas side with mushy peas, with some garnishing of seal salt and vinegar. Another notable thing about this dish is that it is actually very cost effective as well.

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire-pudding: You can call the Sunday roast as true classic meal from British history and this is the best food for many people in London on Sundays. Mostly people prefer to consume it between 12 noon to 5 pm on Sundays. When you order this food in London, then make sure you ask for the Yorkshire pudding also to get the best taste from it. This pudding can actually help you enjoy your Sunday roast in the best possible manner and you will feel the ultimate bliss with it. So if you are in London on a Sunday then I would suggest you to try it before you do anything else or leave the city for any work.

Eton Mess: This is one of the simplest desserts that you can get, but it is equally delicious as well. This desert is a simple mix of strawberries, cream and crushed meringue but that taste just amazing and this

amazing taste makes it one of the best and most delicious deserts that you should try before you leave London. This is a classical British dessert that can actually bring great bliss to you. And if you wish to try some other options for that, then you get freedom for that as well because they are adding various flavours in it to give a new twist to taste.

Afternoon Tea: I agree many people may not consider this as real food, but many British people feeling sipping a cup of tea is one of the best things. That is why they can consider this as part of their food and you can also consume it during your afternoon time in London. With your afternoon tea, you can take some pie, some chips or other snacks and that will certainly give an amazing feeling to your taste buds. So, you can consider tea also as one of the best foods that you can get in London.

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Some of the best music events organized in London

London is one of those few cities that are known for so many amazing things and music is one of those things. London is a city that hosted some of the best music events in the history and it changed those music-eventsevents completely changed the world of all music lovers and it changed the related history as well. Here, in this article, I am going to talk about some of those events that held in London and changed the world in an amazing manner and created a new path of success for many people.

Live aid charity concert: This is one of the most popular and most successful music events that held in London. This concert was organized on 13th July 1985 in Wembley stadium in London and that is considered as one of the best live performance in the world. And when we say the best then that is not only for all the shows held in this amazing city, but this is about all the live music events that were organized in the world in last 60 years. I can say this is one of those shows that actually changed the world in a completely new ways and now people see music with a new ways.

Beatles performing on road: Although the Beatles gave so many live performances around the world, but the one thing that changed the world of music, then their live performance on road is one thing that I would name that for you. This is one of those music events in which the band gave performance to so many songs and they stopped only when police came there to stop them. I can say that was also one of those shows in London that created a new path for everyone. Also, that live performance by the Beatles created a path of success for the band and people still love to enjoy music by this band.

Bob and Marley live show: Bob and merely also gave a live performance in London and people consider that as one of the greatest music events in London. People surely enjoyed that show and all those that were there considered that one of the greatest events in history. Also, many people did that recording of that live show and they still listen to this show from their recordings. This is also known as one of the best shows held in London and I can certainly name this show in this particular list.

If we will talk more about it in details, then we can come up with so names of so many other events as well that can included shows by some of the top most artists in the world. And the best thing about this thing is

that in this beautiful city, so many amazing shows get arranged on regular basis. So, at this time I named these three, but it is also possible that after sometime I will have other names for music events that held in London by various artists of bands.

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Transportation options that you should chose while enjoying your holidays in London

Many native people of London would claim that London tube or underground is the best of traveling inside the city. I do not have any disagreement with them and this is definitely the best way of commuting for all those people that live and work in this beautiful city. But if you are in London for your holidays, then I taxi_londonwould not recommend you to use tube or underground for your local transportations. With that option you will see nothing but dark walls outside of the windows. Other than underground so many other options are also there that you can try for your local commuting at the time of holidays. For your reference I am sharing those options below with you.

Taxi: In London, you can easily get a taxi and you can go to almost any place in that taxi. The best thing about taxi is that if you have a group of 3 people for holidays, then taxi can be highly cost effective as well for you. Another notable thing that about this option is that if you want to stop and click some photos of any particular place, you can ask your driver for that and he will certainly do it as long as that place is not in no parking zone.

London Bus: If you think taxi is costly and you still want to explore the beauty of city in a cost effective manner, then London bus can be the best solution for you. Just like taxi you can see outside things from your bus window and you can explore the beauty of this city from your seat. However, you need to remember that a bus will never stop at your will like a taxi and you need to reach to nearest bus stop for that. But if you are on holidays then you could take it as an experience and a little walk from bust stop to your destination can keep you healthy also during your holidays.

River Bus: Some people prefer not to waste their time in traffic and that is why they prefer tube instead of bus or taxi. For those people River bus can be the best way of commuting from one place to other in

London. River bus float on Thames River and you can enjoy the beauty of London on your holidays from the deck of the River bus. And in this method you will not stuck in a traffic jam and you will be able to enjoy your holidays as well in a great way.

Cable car: Along with taxi and buss, you can also try the cable car for your commuting in London. Although you will not be able to cover a very long distance with the cable car, but you can consider that as one of the best commuting options during your holidays. You can enjoy your holidays in an exciting manner because you will get a breath-taking view of London from cable car and I am sure that will add an extra kick in your holidays.

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